The Inner Reality of Surfing Aloha (part 3)

We surfed different spots every day and I have to admit that it has not been easy to change. Many years of surfing at localized spots had conditioned me to turn inward, and avoid connecting with others for fear that I will be identified as a non-local and prevented from surfing. If this sounds unbelievable, trust me, it goes on. I have seen fist fights in the water, plenty of screaming and threatening and cars being vandalized and have talked my way out of more than a few confrontations. The first couple sessions of trying out my new positive vibe, I found myself falling into my old patterns. I would look away instead of greeting nearby surfers. I found myself at first trying to be invisible. So I started to change with a couple small small steps: a simple "How'z it?" and a moment of eye contact with surfers passing me in the water.

Little by little I've connected with more and more other surfers here and I have been soooo pleasantly surprised!! In my first surf session I was given the right of way by another surfer and spoken to in the water! This may not seem like a big deal but at some spots as I have been explained, I may not have been acknowledge as being there let alone spoken to. The next day some local guys were checking the waves from their car as we were coming out of the water. At first I perceived them as unfriendly, drinking beer at 10am, tattoos, and missing teeth were what stood out. But I gave them a nod and a "How'z it?" After a few minutes, they asked how the surf was and asked if we had any surf wax they could use. I saw this as an opening to connect with them and jumped at the chance to help them out. Sure enough, they were stoked and offered us a beer and began chatting about their surf session earlier in the day. They were really nice! Then the next day more surfers talked to me in the water. It was amazing!! I have not felt at all unwelcome, even surfing Pipeline a few times.

In 10 days of surfing all over the North Shore of Oahu and also the West Side, which is known for even more territorial surfers, I never once had anyone say or do anything negative to me. I was so stoked every day (the double overhead surf and good winds made it pretty easy to enjoy.) I was smiling and talking with local surfers in almost every session. I said hello and waved a "shaka" to everyone I passed rather than look away as I may have done in the past. Most people smiled and waved back (One local guy invited me to have beers and BBQ!) Those that didn't, I'm sure will next time I return and they see me waving and smiling.

I have learned so much on this trip about creating the experience I want. So many years I have allowed the situation I am in to create my experience both in surfing and in life. This experience has brought about a paradigm shift for me. If I can create my own experience surfing, I now want to see where are the other situations in life where I can change what I am experience just by cultivating the inner state needed to manifest the my desired outcome. I wonder what it would be like to visit all of the localized surf spots around the world and bring the Aloha Spirit. Maybe I can influence an evolution of the present collective mentality of surfer from one of scarcity and greed to one of Aloha and abundance.

What's the reality of your inner state? Is your outer experience what you desire? Is it a reflection of your inner reality? What can you manifest in your life by cultivating a new inner state? Go ahead, give it a try, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Aloha and mahalo for reading about my Inner Journey.


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