Surf the Wave of Your Consciousness: Ventura, CA Oct 7-9

This weekend retreat was co-facilitated by Stefan and Pixie. You will have individual Wellness coaching with Pixie and Spiritual Psychology work with Stefan. There was group yoga, surfing and experiences specifically designed to elevate your consciousness and facilitate a paradigm shift in how you relate to yourself, your life and others. Everyone had some downtime each day for more surfing, hanging with the others in the group or solo time.

Rivers and Oceans display the grace and power of Source. They are beautiful playgrounds, and provide meaningful metaphors for life’s lessons. In the thrill of riding the waves of the river and ocean, we experience the wonder and Oneness with Source within. We can identify and let go of what no longer serves us. We find Courage to trust Spirit, know our limits and to ask for what we need and want. We learn to Surrender to the flow of life.

We look forward to connecting with you!